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Ref.: LINDY32675
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Tests every stage of a HDMI signal?s path including cable quality Generate HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz signals to test display compatibility Detect HDMI signal information such as resolutions and HDCP versions Compact, portable design, great for field based installers 2 Year warranty The Lindy HDMI 2.0 18G Signal Analyser and Generator is a reliable tool for testing all stages of a HDMI signals path. This device provides a simple and reliable installation of HDMI AV equipment, ensuring a high quality HDMI experience for both commercial and residential end users. The device?s pattern generator provides three HDMI video patterns up to 4K@60Hz with additional support for high dynamic range and the ability to adjust colour depths, allowing an installer to test a connected displays maximum resolution and resolve any issues at the display side of the installation. The tester?s ?Sink? mode detects the signal itself from the source device and supplies valuable information including resolutions and frame rates to identify and solve any compatibility issues. The ?cable? mode allows for testing of the cable?s capabilities and condition, a vital feature for identify true HDMI 2.0 cables with 18G data rates within a crowded market where non-fully compatible cables exist, this information is all presented on an easy to read LCD display. As a multi-functional testing solution, the tester can also be used within installations that have multiple AV hardware as part of the connection, including 18G Cat.6 HDMI extenders and HDMI 2.0 matrices. With a compact, portable design this device can be easily added to any Av installers testing kit without taking up a large amount of additional toolkit space, perfect for on-the-go installers in both small home setups or larger scale professional installations.